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General Bookings

How many spaces can I book?

As many as you need. We now have a basket system on our website enabling you to book multiple course within a single transaction.

Can I book some sessions rather than all?

No, all of our courses are full term commitments.

How do I pay and via which methods? Can I do a bank transfer, cash or cheque?

All course bookings are now taken via card payment. Please refer to our booking FAQ for more information. We do not accept cash or cheques.

What happens in bad weather?

We will always try to continue coaching sessions wherever possible, unless it is unsafe to do so such as ice or snow on the courts or in thunder and lightning. If sessions do need to be cancelled, we will do our best to give as much notice as possible - but please note that we may not be able to do so until we are at the courts - sessions will usually continue in light/intermittent rain. If two or more sessions are cancelled (due to the weather) within a term then credits towards holiday camps or the following term can be given.

What happens if I need to cancel my childs place?

We have a strict NO REFUND policy. Once we reserve one of our lesson places for your child, it becomes a space that we cannot sell to other players. Please ensure that you check your diaries before committing to our courses.

Please note: If we need to cancel the lessons a credit will be given against the following term. If you wish to remove your child mid-term then NO REFUND will be offered.

What happens if I start midway through term?

If you join a course mid term then the price reflects the pro-rata cost of the weeks remaining (An eight week booking will be the course price divided by the total week and then multiplied by eight) and we will setup a discount code specific to you in order to complete the transaction at the correct price.

What happens if Ignition Tennis cancel a session (non-weather related)?

If we have to cancel a lesson we will do our best to make this up before the end of the term. If an additional lesson is not possible a credit for either the next term or our Summer camps will be offered.

What happens with a lack of numbers?

If numbers in your child’s session are low, we may look to move them to a different group if we aren’t able to fill the session a few weeks into the term.

Does my child get a report/certificate at the end?

Each child will receive a report at the end of each term. Reports also include which course should be booked for the new term.

What happens if they need to move up a level mid term?

If one of our coaches feels your child needs to move up during the term, we would advise you of any time/venue change. There may also be an additional charge/refund depending on the length/venue of the new session.

Can I pick my child up early?

Yes, however no refund will be given for any time missed from that weeks lesson. Please inform your child's coach if you wish to pick them up before the end of the session.

My child cannot make a specific date or needs to leave a session early; am I allowed to collect them before the session has finished?

Yes, but please inform your child’s coach beforehand if possible. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer a refund for any sessions that your child does not complete during the term.

I’m not a member of the tennis club, can I still play?

Yes. All our pricing is at non-member rates and club members can apply a discount code they are given at the checkout. If you wish to join your local club then please contact the secretary of the club and they will sign you up and provide the discount code.

Do you provide equipment?

Yes, our coaches will have spare rackets. However if you would like to purchase a racket, then we can advise you on a suitable one and should even be able to get hold of one for you through our contract with HEAD. If you would like another brand, then we will advise you on the most suitable ones.

Holiday Camps

Can I book specific days?

Yes, we offer single day bookings for our holiday camps.

Do I get a discount for booking multiple days/weeks?

A discount if offered on full week booking.

What will happen if numbers for my child's group are low; will the session still run or will it be cancelled?

We do our absolute best to ensure that we don't cancel any of our camps. Therefore, the length of the camps may be reduced depending on the numbers and the age group:

For the 5-9 age group -

1 player - 1.5 hours

2 players - 2 hours

3 players - 2.5 hours

4 players plus - session will run as advertised

For the 10-16 age group -

1 player - 1 hour

2 players plus - session will run as advertised

Whilst we endeavour to run our tennis camps with lower numbers on, we reserve the right to cancel any of our sessions. The length of the session will be confirmed before/at the start of the session.

Adult Coaching

I’m a complete beginner, what do I do?

Contact our admin team who will be able to put you in touch with the coach at your nearest club. They will be able to advise you on the best course for you.

I’m not sure which adult session I should be in?

We offer a wide range of adult coaching courses suitable for all abilities. Please contact our admin team who will ask your local coach to asses you and advise the correct course.

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